The Healing Disconnect

The Healing Disconnect

I worked very closely with Doctors of all Specialties for many years, from Primary Care to Wound Care.  Being in this environment made me appreciate a more natural, more holistic lifestyle.  I saw nothing but prescription pushing and for a very long time I did not get what was really happening right in front of my face, but I knew in my Spirit, something was not right here…

As  I observed patient after patient on constant physical declination, I wondered why they never were cured with the medications prescribed.  It was one med after another with no healing involved. As I began my own journey to alternative healing, I realized, I could not continue to watch the many  people losing fingers, toes, legs, and arms to diseases that could be cured if the correct information was provided.

The very herb that could be the best cure is the exact same herb the Doctor will tell you Not to Consume because it will conflict with your prescriptions.  Well, is it possible that, you would not need that prescription if in fact you incorporate the less invasive (due to side effects) Organic herbs into  your diet.  It really makes me wonder and why no one asks the Doctors these questions.

I became a Licensed Massage Therapist, An Herbalist, and began to do a lot of research into a Healthy Lifestyle.  Don’t get me wrong, I still struggle with my eating habits, because I love good food and I have a huge, sweet tooth (smiles).

At the same time, I cleanse regularly, I drink my Teas daily and I enjoy learning new healthy recipes to replace the sweets, meats, I am thankful to The Most High, that I have been able to heal myself of a few conditions without requiring surgical intervention with Herbal blends that grow naturally . 

Unfortunately, these chemically driven products not only include food, but also household products.  Life has improved on so many levels, I enjoy bringing new Organic remedies and alternatives to my Exotic & Re-Alined100 Families.   

I hope you will stick around for the Journey and incorporate some of my ideas into your Personal Journey to the Best Life yet!  Trust and believe, I do use my products and I will continue to research and bring the best Organic products to Our Community! Made With Love From Me2U! Always…..  Namaste

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