Triple Threat


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This Blend has everything you need in terms of a balance of  Vitamin and Mineral daily intake.   I call it the Triple Threat because …

The blend includes the following herbs

Sea Moss –   Loaded with 95 of your vitamins and minerals necessary, High Cholesterol, Obesity, Prostate Enlargement, Diabetic Symptoms, Blood Thinner, Skin Toner, Detoxicant, Aphrodisiac, Anti-Inflammatory, Antiviral, Respiratory Issues, Pneumonia, Influenza, Urine Infections

Ashwagandha –  regulates the blood sugar levels, sharpens focus & memory, increases testosterone levels in men, sexual functions in women, regulates stress & anxiety, boost energy, supports immunity, builds muscle strength, reduces inflammation, heart health

Bladder Wrack –  Regulates Blood Pressure, Symptoms of Impotence, Fatigue, Joint Pain, Arthritis, Water Retention, Heavy Metal Piosioning, Diabetic Symptoms, Constipation

This Product has not been FDA tested.  Please Consult your Pharmacist or Primary Care Provider prior to adding and herbal remedies to your diet as they may conflict with prescribed medications.

Directions:  Take 2 Capsules daily prior to meal.  Drink at least 8 oz. of Clean Drinking Water following capsules.   90 Capsules per order.

**Vegan Capsules non Gelatin based**



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