Tigers Eye Couples Bracelet

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His & Hers Tiger’s Eye bracelets that are to be worn by a Couple

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These beautiful bracelets have a message to both parties.  You hold the Key to my Heart!  The Masculine Bracelet has the Key and the Feminine bracelet has the Heart Shaped Lock & Both have the Peace symbol. The message is….We Belong to Each Other!!

Tiger’s Eye is a powerful crystal that has effective healing powers, highly effective with bronchial problems when applied to the Navel Chakra**  Asthmatics should Always* have a Tiger’s Eye in their possession, It is also good for headaches and migraines, lifting Depression and promoting concentration.

This Crystal should be cleansed weekly under running water and recharged in the sunlight  for a few hours.

Resonates with the Zodiac Sign of ….Virgo, Gemini & Leo



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