Serpentine King’s Bracelet

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Serpentine King’s bracelet is amazing and fit for a king. The beauty in the colors compliment one another and bring out any complexion.

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This beautifully arranged Serpentine bracelet set with wood & clear crystals has an amazing look fit for a King. This Crystal represents strength and power with a mystical appearance it will appeal to your inner self, it protects your soul from invisible beings.

Healing properties:

Serpentine can be used to treat a wide range of disorders, it evens out mood swings and calms the wearer in stressful, hectic situations its most beneficial healing property is for:

  • cardiac irregularities
  • kidney disorders
  • stomach & bowel problems
  • abdominal problems

Caring for your Crystal…..

Serpentine is discharged under warm running water and charged overnight with rock crystals.


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