Sage Keepers

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Sage Storage includes 3 small sage bundles

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These beautifully rich color sage keepers are the perfect size, shape and color to add to your decor in any room of your home.  The Keepers hold a good amount of sage for optimal freshness and care until you decide to burn it.  The sage last longer when the string is removed and allowed to breathe.  This way you can control the burn time and have a safe and beautiful place to store it.

Sage is used in many different religions and cultures to cleanse the home or occupied spaces you desire to have  Peaceful & Tranquill experiences.  Often in a Smudge Kit along with other items that are great for optimal Cleansing experience.  Available on the website** (Smudge Kit)

The Sage Keepers are available in 2 colors Deep Mahogany and Colonial Maple (choose your color at checkout)*

**Caution……Do not burn the Sage inside of the Sage Keeper



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