Calming Herbal Bath Salt & Soak

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Calming Herbal Bath Salt & Soaker

I absolutely love this calming blend of Organic herbs essential oils and salts for the bath.  The perfect blend to relax and  clear your lungs & mind with the steam from the warm water & eucalyptus. The aroma us absolutely amazing!

The herbs and salts will dissolve quickly in the warm water but will not clog your drain or pipes as they are placed inside soft mesh bags. Or you can purchase a jar to use at your leisure. Each bag/jar includes the finest Ingredients as follows:

Epsom Salts   Lavender Oils   Rosebuds     Eucalyptus Leaves   Pink Himalayan Salt

After your amazingly relaxing bath simply squeeze off the excess water and dispose of the bag into the trash or your lingerie drawer (after drying).  It will continue to give off a pleasant aroma until discarded.  The bag is biodegradable so it can go into your compost unit as well

Made with Love From Me2U!



Additional information

Weight 2 oz
Dimensions 9 × 6 × 4 in
Calming Herbal Bath Soak Jar

Larger size loose product 24oz, so, you can pour as desired. Not pre-measured in this option.

Calming Herbal Bath Satchels

3 Individually wrapped, pre-measured bath soak bombs


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