Obsidian & Tourmaline Bracelet, Earrings & Ring

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Healing Crystals for the nervous system, anxiety, radiation

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This beautiful mixture of Crystals compliment each other The

  • Helps Alleviate Pain
  • Reduces Tension & Releases Energy
  • Improves Circulation warms cold feet & hands
  • Can treat Trauma, Shock & Anxiety Attacks

Discharge monthly under warm running water and then recharged by the Sun or among Rock Crystals

Tourmaline Black Tourmaline works on the Root Chakra

  • It symbolizes wealth, friendship & Love
  • Protects against high Radiation
  • Strengthens the Nervous System

Tourmaline also can be Discharged monthly under running water and then recharged by the sun but in and Amethyst geode

Made with Love from Me2U!



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