Moringa Tea


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Moringa Tea is very delicious, rich in color and flavor.  This tea has many benefits that work on regulating and lowering blood sugar levels, reducing inflammation, lowering Cholesterol, Protects against Arsenic Toxicity and rich in Antioxidants.

The 14 day supply is a great start to getting your body and its systems back on track to better health.

Directions:  Allow 1 tea bag to steep in 8-12oz of Clean drinking water for at least 15-20  minutes.  Sweeten if desired with a natural sweetener like Agave Nectar or Honey.  Drink 1-2 Cups daily in the am and pm.

Made with Love from Me2U!!

***Please consult your PCP prior to adding any herbs into your diet, as they may conflict with prescribed medications.

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