Inner Goddess Salt Bath


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Inner Goddess Bath Salt

 This Blend of Herbs, Oils & Salts will soothe the body, mind & soul…

4 Pack of Individually wrapped satchels packed with herbs & oils….

Organic Hibiscus Draws out dirt, bacteria & pollution from the skin.
Organic Rose Buds Powerful mood enhancer relieves anxiety, detoxes the body, and promotes sleep. Brightens the complexion and tightens pores, lowers blood pressure
Argan Oil Soothes and calms the complexion, treats acne, protects the skin’s barrier, improves skin texture
Lavender Flowers Healing to skin conditions, burns & cuts. Anti-inflammatory, antifungal, detoxifying benefits, reduces redness, heals minor cuts
Pink Himalayan Salt Relaxes cramped muscles and reduces inflammation. The magnesium in the salt helps heal damaged muscles and soft tissue. Treats eczema, psoriasis & acne it has antimicrobial properties, boost electrolytes & extracts toxins out of the skin
Epsom Salt Salts are natural deoxidants, they draw out the impurities through the skin, reduces swelling & inflammation, removes dead skin, eliminates odor and promotes relaxation.


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