Guanabana/Soursop Leaves

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Guanabana Leaves for hypertension, rheuatoid arthritis, abdominal pain, parastetic infections


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These Leaves are as magical as their name. They provide amazing benefits for multiple ailments in the body

Here are some Benefits of drinking this tea:

  • Regulates Blood Pressure
  • Reduces Abdominal Pain
  • Decreases Parastatic Infections
  • Eases Rheumatic Pain & Inflammation
  • Decreases Bad Cells in the Body
  • Boost Immunity

Boil 1-3 cups of Alkaline or Purified water and pour over 1-3 leaves.  Allow to steep for 10-20 minutes, drink at least 1-3 cups per day, throughout the day.

Blended With Love From….. Me2U!

*Not FDA tested

*Consult your Primary Care Provider prior to taking any herbs as they may cause a reaction to prescribed medications.


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