Green Ugandan Glass Bead Bracelet


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So there is an awesome story about creative resilience behind the “Lydia Beads” that encouraged me to purchase as many as I can find available.

The story goes…. The Widows and single women in remote villages in Uganda, Africa gather paper and   recycle the paper by hand rolling the strips of paper on wooden needles to form the beads.  The beads are then dipped four times in a sealant which makes them water resistant and gives the beads their shiny finish.  The monies earned by the women provides education for their children.

Any items made/purchased with “The Lydia Beads”  ALL proceeds will go to to “Help Keep Kids in School”

This is My very first Business related Humanitarian Campaign and I will make sure all proceeds are allocated towards this organization!

Made with Love from Me2U!



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