Garnet & Antique Bone Choker

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Garnet & Antique Bone Choker

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This Beautiful Garnet Crystal is surrounded by Antique Bone on a Beautiful Leather Cord set as a Choker the Beauty in the deep color is mysterious and beneficial to people who suffer with Depression, it encourages feelings of joy, willpower & hope while stimulating the imagination.

The Garnet should make direct contact with the owners skin, this is important as it provides the most benefit when it can penetrate into the skin.  When it is placed as a necklace the effect of the Crystal is multiplied.

The Garnet should be cleansed under running hand-hot water every month.  Place the Garnet in the Sun to recharge it.

**Remember when wearing your sacred Crystals they are “Lovely to Look at not meant to Touch” the Crystal works off of Your energy you do not want to pick up any negativity from others so do not allow other to hold handle or touch your precious Crystal especially while wearing it. If this happens you Must cleanse your Crystal before wearing it again. Cleansing tools available on the website**

All Jewelry are made to order, no 2 will be exactly the same shape size or color, prepared with Love from Me to You.  Neck measurements required for this order**


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