Cold & Flu – Respiratory Blend


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This Respiratory blend  will help your body rid itself of cold & flu symptoms that are affecting your breathing and lungs.

This Blend Includes:

  • Echinacea —      Strep throat, cold, immunity booster, bronchitis, sinusitis, viral                                      infections, antihistamine, laryngitis, antibacterial,                                                                decongestant, detoxicant
  • Mullein —             Ear aches, Infections, pneumonia, sore throat, tonsillitis,                                                   bronchitis, hay fever, migraine, anti-bacterial, has Zinc,                                                      Vitamin C, Iron
  • Strong Back — Respiratory infections, allergy, bronchitis, asthma,                                                               antihistamine, detoxicant, bronchial relaxant, anti-                                                               inflammatory
  • Palo Guaco —       Asthma, migraine, antibacterial, antiseptic, anti-asthmatic
  • Anise Flower —   Anti-bacterial, anti-inflammatory, anti-fungal, cold, flu,                                                     allergy, sinusitis, infections, pneumonia respiratory                                                             infections, bronchitis, phlegm, sore throat

Directions:   Boil 12-16oz of purified water, add in 1 TBSP. or 1 teabag and allow to steep covered for an additional 15-20 minutes.  Drink 2-3 cups daily during the time symptoms are present for a minimum of 3 consecutive days.  Sweeten if necessary with honey or agave nectar.

Made With Love From Me2U!

*** Please consult your Primary Care Provider prior to implementing any herbs into your diet, especially if you are taking prescribed medications, as the herbs may interact with these types of medications.  ***This product has not been tested by the FDA, however all herbs are Organic and or Wild Crafted, Non-GMO, Vegan based product.

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