Apatite & Amazonite Crystal Set

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Beautiful Apatite & Amazonite Crystal Jewelry set


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This blend of Apatite & Amazonite are powerful possess healing powers that support bone & heart health! Beautifully set to compliment one another in black leather and delicate black rope with matching earrings and bracelet.

Healing Benefits:


Mobilizes energy reserves for the healthy formation of bones, teeth & cells.  It is used to treat arthrosis, painful joints and bone fractures, especially helpful for children in growing years.


Used to treat heart trouble and metabolic disorders. When placed on the 3rd chakra it lifts depression and reduces anxiety. It should be worn directly against the skin to alleviate headaches and migraines. Stimulates the creative side of the possessor.

Cleansing your Crystals:

Under warm running water then recharged in the sun


Made to order, so each order will vary in shape and size but will be comparable to original design.

Made with Love From Me2U!



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