Men’s Libido Tea Blend

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Men’s blended teas for virility, libido and Men’s health overall

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Libido Boosting Tea (For Men)


We have something for everyone! Men I know you are often left out of the loop when it comes to many things in life to take care of yourself. Boy Oh  Boy, do we have something for you.

This virility herbal tea blend requires refrigeration, or it can be blended without the Parsnip and added later during the steeping process.

Herbal Ingredients Included & Some Benefits:

  • Sarsaparilla Root–  hypertension, gout, impotency, arthritis, anemia, pain relief
  • Red Clover—  blood purifier, boost immunity, healthy heart, increase libido, mood, energy, benefits hair skin & scalp
  • Stinging Nettle —  blood pressure regulator, educes enlarged prostate, back pain, stops frequent urination

If you decide to add fresh parsnip later, please follow these instructions for best results:

Peel the parsnip and cut into small pieces using a sharp knife. Add to the pot or cup of pre-measured, pre-mixed tea bags and  water. Preferably in a mesh sleeve. **Keep in mind you will have to add fresh parsnips each time**

Drink 2 cups daily, morning and evening for 6 weeks.

Best wishes on your journey to Fatherhood! Stay focused and remember to drink your tea daily for the best results.

Blended with Love from Me2U!

*Not FDA tested

***Please consult our Primary Care Provider prior to adding any Herbs to your dietary intake especially if you are currently taking prescribed medications as there can be an adverse effect  between the Herbs & Meds.



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