Agate Butterfly Keychain

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Agate butterfly keychain with antique bone

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Agate Crystal ….  (The River Achates in Sicily) (Blue associated with Throat Chakra)

Healing Powers are disbursed best when in immediate contact with the skin, specifically near the Organ that needs healing.  Also used to treat headaches dizziness and impaired balance & skin problems.   beneficial during pregnancy for both mother child.  When placed on the heart or throat Chakras it combats feverish infections.  By applying a disk of agate directly to the eyelids (closed) it can alleviate tired or inflamed eyes.


Magical Properties…

Agate enables the wearer to choose between true friends and false ones. Noted to protect children from danger , bring prosperity and prevent miscarriages.


Cleaning Your Crystal….

Once a month it should be cleansed under running water and placed in the sun that will increase the energy.





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