Mission Statement

Re-AlineMe100% is all about re-aligning oneself   re-designing your life path, re-juvinating your mind, body, soul & spirit….

After taking some time to witness the amazement of All that “The Most High” has freely afforded us, that which we do not  at times recognize, a sense of wonder overcame me.  We have all heard the saying, “Stop & Smell the Roses” well we here at Re-AlineMe100% are doing just that!  Not only are we smelling the roses we are using the roses in a holistic & herbal sense to heal and create blends with herbs to heal ourselves from within.  Cleanse our surroundings and remove negativity from our space. Because, when we feel good, there are No limits to what we can accomplish daily. 

The beautiful Gems of the Earth are gifts from “The Most High”  they also have medicinal, healing and transformation powers.   Some of these Gems benefit some more than others.  I want to help you decide what is needed in Your life and what will benefit You most on Your Life’s Journey.  How the Gems help you, how to care for the Gems and how to protect them from negativity and ill-will from others.

I hope you will take this Journey with me and become the Person “The Most High” intended you to be.

Love, Peace & Blessings from Me to U!