Herbs to Avoid During Pregnancy

Love For Baby….

As protective parents and expecting parents, we want what’s best for our newborn & unborn babies. So, here is a list of Herbs to avoid during pregnancy. Well, at the very least, these Herbs should be consumed at a very small percentage.

Yarrow Black Cohosh Purple Giant Hysop Aloe Vera

Angelica Root Celery Seed American Spikenard Bear Berry

Worm Wood Borage Calendula Turmeric

Lemon Grass Hemp Agrimony Gravel Root Meadow Sweet

Licorice Root Golden Seal St. John’s Worth Elecampane

Juniper Mother’s Wart Lovage Goji

Catnip Japanese Gensing Damask Rose Rosemary

Yellow Dock White Willow Common Sage Costos

Schisandra Senna Comfrey Feverfew

Thyme Red Clover Colts Foot Vervain

Cramp Bark Mistletoe Anna Castus Chasteberry

Ashwaghanda Jasmine

Highlighted Herbs are the most commonly used herbs in foods and daily cooking. Remember EVERYTHING IN MODERATION!

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