Healing Examples From The Most-High

Smokable Floral Leaves

I love making references to Biblical scriptures that show how GOD- The Most-High, uses Herbs, Crystals, Oils and naturally abundant Earth elements as examples that show Us how to heal, self-protect, self-empower & self-reflect.   Spiritually with all things Natural…

     So, I came across a few more note worthy references I wanted to share this one with you today on Our Journey…

Now… there’s a Story in the Book of  2nd Kings Ch.. 20: 1-7

     Here, it’s when GOD, The Most-High, told the Prophet Isiah to go back to Hezekiah… “Prepare a Poultice from FIGS… spread the Ointment over the Boil” and Hezekiah recovered.  Now, if you know the story…. Hezekiah became sick and was nearing death… The Lord sent Isiah to give him word to …. Get your House in order because you are going to die… and you will not recover.      Hezekiah turned his face towards the wall and began praying to the Lord… asking the Lord to remember how he has walked faithfully with wholehearted devotion and that he

had done what was good in His eyes and Hezekiah wept bitterly…

    Before Isiah had reached the middle court… Word came from the Lord to “go back to Hezekiah,  tell him “I have heard your prayers and seen your tears, I will heal you on the third day you will go to the Temple and I will add Fifteen years to your life and I will deliver You and this City from the King of Assyria”….

     Now we all know GOD, The Most-High, can heal you with a look, a touch, spiritually or in any way…. But GOD, The Most-High, chose to show Isiah and Hezekiah that we can use a single fruit to Heal as well…

     When we get to the realization of understanding EVERY  single thing created by The Most-High has a greater purpose….

For example, a Rose is not just to cut and smell the beautiful aroma or admire on Valentine’s Day.  Roses have medicinal properties and can be made as an herbal tea for digestion, reducing inflammation ,menstrual cramps, soothing anxiety, hydration, weight loss, rich in vitamins A,C&E and packed with antioxidants. Roses can also be used in a body wrap to hydrate and tighten the skin.  Rose petals when used on the skin, can reduce fine lines and diminish dark circles. 

     I have recently encountered an Amazing new way of using Rose Petals & Hibiscus Leaves as a Smokable Herbal Wrap (ref. lizzy on IG and marco-is-growing on REELS)

     Stay tuned more to come….. All Things Natural!!

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