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Doggie Treats

Our extended family members are extremely important in our lives and, we want them to be in the best health possible just as we want for all of our family. 

Thing is… we don’t always get what we expect from the pet food suppliers, many of the products contain harmful ingredients with names we can’t pronounce or decipher into being beneficial to the health of our Furbabies.

Often we just trust the medications prescribed and accept the overpriced treatments by vets because we love our pets and want what is best for them. 

Best thing to do is try to keep them in optimal health with organic food, treats, vitamins and regular exercise. I have a few items to get you started on the path to happy healthy Furbabies.

Check out our Newest Furbaby items in our Furbaby section of the website.  Our products have many natural vitamins as the products are mostly fruit and vegetable based.  Look for more items to come as we test and approve.

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