Useful Herbs During Pregnancy

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GingerHighly effective anti-cemetic that helps to relieve nausea morning sickness

Just add slices to hot water & sip until symptoms resolve.

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ChamomileThis gentle herb calms and soothes the nervous system and digestion. Drink a cup if you are experiencing morning sickness tension helps relaxation before sleep

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Witch HazelA cooling astringent Herb that benefits tired and over stressed veins.  By simply soaking a cotton ball in Witch Hazel you can apply to aching legs and varicose veins for immediate relief.

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Lavender– A Calming anti-inflammatory essential oil that promotes healing after childbirth.  Add 4-5 drops of Lavender Oil to bath water. It relieves Mastitis, add 3-4 drops to warm water apply clean face cloth as a compress.

Linseed – This herb is a gentle laxative and bowel lubricant  very rich in Omega fatty acids.  Add 1 tsp. to any breakfast cereal or oatmeal and follow up with water to prevent constipation.

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Calendula – This herb is highly nourishing and healing for the Skin.  Add this Tincture to St. John’s Worth and dilute to use as a lotion also use it to Bathe Perineal tearing or post-partum stitches.

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St. John’s Worth – This herb has effective antiseptic & pain-relieving properties you can also use these to repair cracked nipples and rinse with water prior to breastfeeding.  

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Raspberry Leaf – A uterine tonic that helps prepare the body for childbirth.  Drink daily in the Last trimester of pregnancy and for an additional  2-3 weeks after childbirth to help contract the muscles & promote Breastmilk

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Dill – The seeds make an excellent infusion to drink during breastfeeding –

it promotes breast milk and relieves Colic and gas in the newborn, and it can be combined with fennel seeds. .

Jasmine – This essential oil is traditionally used during Labor for its relaxing properties

and to help instill feelings of calmness and confidence Dilute in a base oil (almond, grapeseed,

essential oils) massage into your lower back at the onset of contractions

Herbs to Avoid During Pregnancy

Love For Baby….

As protective parents and expecting parents, we want what’s best for our newborn & unborn babies. So, here is a list of Herbs to avoid during pregnancy. Well, at the very least, these Herbs should be consumed at a very small percentage.

Yarrow Black Cohosh Purple Giant Hysop Aloe Vera

Angelica Root Celery Seed American Spikenard Bear Berry

Worm Wood Borage Calendula Turmeric

Lemon Grass Hemp Agrimony Gravel Root Meadow Sweet

Licorice Root Golden Seal St. John’s Worth Elecampane

Juniper Mother’s Wart Lovage Goji

Catnip Japanese Gensing Damask Rose Rosemary

Yellow Dock White Willow Common Sage Costos

Schisandra Senna Comfrey Feverfew

Thyme Red Clover Colts Foot Vervain

Cramp Bark Mistletoe Anna Castus Chasteberry

Ashwaghanda Jasmine

Highlighted Herbs are the most commonly used herbs in foods and daily cooking. Remember EVERYTHING IN MODERATION!