Things To Avoid for Healthy Libido

Men… Avoid These Things For Healthy Libido

There are so many additives and ingredients being added to foods, drinks, desserts these days it’s hard to keep up.  As if you needed one more thing to check, now you have to take the time to check the ingredient labels for these items that can have a negative impact on your libido…..

Testosterone is the hormone produced mainly by males that affect a masculine’s appearance and sexual development.  It stimulates sperm production as well as a masculine’s sex drive, builds muscle and bone mass…..

TofuContains estrogen that limits the testosterone levels in men
SoyContains a large volume of phytoestrogen isoflavones which are estrogen like compounds that trigger estrogen, lowers T levels
Beer/AlcoholA definite testosterone killer, overconsumption is the real issue, moderation is key
DairyLowers Testosterone levels, dairy is produced by female cows and their milk is filled with estrogens and progesterone which adversely affect testosterone
NutsHigh in Polyunsaturated fatty acids like Walnuts, Almonds, Pistachios, Peanuts & pecans. Instead try Brazil nuts, Chestnuts or macadamia nuts.
Licorice RootOften used a an Herbal Supplement However, as little as 7 grams can lower the male testosterone values if consumed in larger amounts weekly

Herbs to Boost & Reverse Symptoms

Indian Spider PlantEnhances sexual health, Aphrodisiac, Increases Stamina and enhances sexual desire, premature ejaculation,
Tongkat AliPenis Shrinkage, Erectile Dysfunction, Libido Loss, Testosterone Booster, Aphrodisiac, Impotence, Infertility, Regulates Blood Pressure, Watery Semen
DamianaPoor Blood Circulation, Impotence, Libido Loss, Penis Shrinkage, Aphrodisiac, Hormonal Imbalance
BananasPotassium promotes testosterone production and firmer erections, releases Bromelain that can increase your Libido

Smokable Herbs…

Smokable Herbs

Everything In Moderation….

As we make the attempt to move towards a more natural Lifestyle using things that are grown and not created by human hands, we must take into consideration that….

     Burning of Herbs can still expose your lungs to:

          Tar, carbon monoxide and other toxins

So, consider smoking occasionally for better benefits by also using these same herbs as a tea or even extracts.

Even though, these Herbs are “safe to smoke”, they can still cause irritation and one must take precautions.  Be mindful to how your body reacts to the herbs and the herbs you choose. Also be mindful where you purchase the Herbs from, as you do not want chemicals from pesticides going into your lungs. 

Experiment with different Herbs until you find a blend you like best! Choose a Base Herb, Supportive Herb & Flavoring Herb= Best Blend For You….

**Take A Look At My List of Recommended Smokable Herbs**

**If you experience any adverse effects from the herbs, STOP smoking them immediately!! 

Organic Sea Moss

Organic Sea Moss

1 Pint or 2.5 Pint jars Monthly Subscriptions available !

These days we are hearing so much about Sea Moss and the amazing benefits organically grown and harvested for consumption,

With 92 vital minerals and vitamins that our bodies need.   Of course, this is important information but let’s put this in terminology that we can all relate to.  Sea Moss is loaded with Antioxidants, Iodine, Minerals and Trace Elements. 

Basically, this is seaweed that works in our bodies on our Immune system, Increases our energy levels, oxygen, builds muscle, Rids the Body of Bad Bacteria, anemia and promotes weight loss. It decreases Inflammation, Balances Hormones & Increases Testosterone.

So, It really doesn’t matter when you use Sea Moss, either when you are ill or in the best of health, Sea Moss works well in the body.  However, only take the recommended daily amount (1-2 TBSP) or you can develop side effects. Remember, Everything in moderation.

For Women….

Nutrients in Sea Moss, especially Iodine, B Vitamins, Calcium and Zinc can speed up the process of  fertility if you are having difficulty becoming pregnant Sea Moss can balance Thyroid Hormones (T3) & (T4). Promotes overall good general health.

For Men….

Can be considered a Natural Sexual Enhancement product by increasing  testosterone levels and sperm count. Reduces Blood Pressure and good general health.

For Children….

From Birth to 12 Months of age, there are no contradictions to consuming Sea Moss, However ,it should be ¾ teaspoon 3-4 times per week. The  level of Calcium in Sea Moss will promote healthy teeth and bones.

Pick the right order size for yourself or your entire Family!

Men’s Libido Blend

So Fellas…..

I promised I wouldn’t forget about you and here it is…..

I have found some of the Best herbs available to help boost libido, Increase the time of the erections, boost your confidence and get your Love-Life back on track….

Many times, these symptoms can be related to certain health conditions that effect men as well as women.  However, the way it affects them, are very different and may cause intimacy issues in the relationship.  One condition immediately comes to mind …… Diabetes!!!! Diabetes effects the Liver, the Kidneys, the Pancreas, Blood Pressure, Circulation…and so on!

It is with great urgency, that you Must change your eating habits and how you nourish your body going forward, if you plan on living your Best Life!

I recommend, first and foremost, an immediate Detox!!! Get as much of the dis-ease OUT of your body!!! Then, begin to

Re-Aline your inner-self. 

Enhance Libido Increase Sperm Count Increase Size
Building Muscle Burning Fat Spice Up Sex Life

On the website, I have given you a few examples of herbal recipes to start….

  • Stinging Nettle Herbal Tea Blend
  • Blood Purification Herbal Blend
  • Libido Herbal Blend

Try these ideas as well……

Drink Water Daily Brisk Walk Around the Block Change Your Diet
Take the Dog for a Walk Ride your Bike Go to The Gym

Often, we can-not stay on task and do these things daily but try to do a check-off list daily so you can start to feel better and fulfill your part of your relationship.  Try to get your partner on board by changing their eating and exercising habits with you and hold each other accountable.

The road to Re-Aline your sex life is just a few Herbs away…

Don’t Let the Oils Escape

When you steep your herbal teas take cover! If you do not All of the nutritional value & delicious oils will escape right out of your cup.  The healing & medicinal power is in the oils. Imagine how much flavor & benefits you are losing in each cup.  These beautiful self contained cups will be available soon on the website.