Oils to Avoid During Pregnancy


There are a few essential oils that should be avoided during pregnancy as they can cause side effects that can be harmful to the unborn baby(ies). 

Many times during pregnancy, we may experience some back discomfort and book an appointment with a Licensed Massage Therapist, well you should Always disclose to your LMT that you are in fact pregnant and she/he will know how to adjust your massage treatment. 

No pressure on the feet at all, client should be laid on either side but never face down on the stomach and avoid these oils being applied directly to the skin.

Here is a list of a Oils to Avoid…..



The Healing Disconnect

The Healing Disconnect

I worked very closely with Doctors of all Specialties for many years, from Primary Care to Wound Care.  Being in this environment made me appreciate a more natural, more holistic lifestyle.  I saw nothing but prescription pushing and for a very long time I did not get what was really happening right in front of my face, but I knew in my Spirit, something was not right here…

As  I observed patient after patient on constant physical declination, I wondered why they never were cured with the medications prescribed.  It was one med after another with no healing involved. As I began my own journey to alternative healing, I realized, I could not continue to watch the many  people losing fingers, toes, legs, and arms to diseases that could be cured if the correct information was provided.

The very herb that could be the best cure is the exact same herb the Doctor will tell you Not to Consume because it will conflict with your prescriptions.  Well, is it possible that, you would not need that prescription if in fact you incorporate the less invasive (due to side effects) Organic herbs into  your diet.  It really makes me wonder and why no one asks the Doctors these questions.

I became a Licensed Massage Therapist, An Herbalist, and began to do a lot of research into a Healthy Lifestyle.  Don’t get me wrong, I still struggle with my eating habits, because I love good food and I have a huge, sweet tooth (smiles).

At the same time, I cleanse regularly, I drink my Teas daily and I enjoy learning new healthy recipes to replace the sweets, meats, I am thankful to The Most High, that I have been able to heal myself of a few conditions without requiring surgical intervention with Herbal blends that grow naturally . 

Unfortunately, these chemically driven products not only include food, but also household products.  Life has improved on so many levels, I enjoy bringing new Organic remedies and alternatives to my Exotic & Re-Alined100 Families.   

I hope you will stick around for the Journey and incorporate some of my ideas into your Personal Journey to the Best Life yet!  Trust and believe, I do use my products and I will continue to research and bring the best Organic products to Our Community! Made With Love From Me2U! Always…..  Namaste



(A, B, AB, O)

Each person has their own unique blood type that falls under one of these categories,

(A, B, AB or O). 

Lectins are Molecules that have both Protein and Sugar that bind outside  which prevent the body of the Cell and causes Biochemical Changes and prevent Cells from absorbing other substances that contain nutritional value. There are Some claims that Lectins drive Auto-Immune Dis-eases. 

Lectins are Water-Soluble and typically found on the outer surface of foods, so it can be removed with water & high-heat cooking (boiling, canning). 

Some Examples:


Try Adding Natural Lectin Blockers such as:


Foods With Most Damaging Lectins


CHICKEN            SOME WHITEFISH       CORNWHEAT                CORN               KIDNEY BEANS


Psoriasis, Eczema & Skin Condition Treatments

Treatment for Psoriasis & other Unwanted Skin Conditions

Psoriasis, such an irritating, itchy condition that many people suffer from worldwide.  I have been really doing research on this herb (Neem) and it has been tested on several family members for a true and accurate result on how the product works. 

Not only does it work on skin conditions, but it also is good for …..       

Controls Blood SugarCardiac Care
Treats Head Lice & DandruffCures Asthma
Improves Hair TextureTreats Urine Infections
Eliminates Intestinal WormsFights Acne/Smoothes Wrinkles

 The list goes on and on. If you can incorporate Neem into your daily lifestyle by drinking as a tea, as a topical ointment, or eating them fresh, you will greatly benefit from a healthier lifestyle.

Organic Sea Moss

Organic Sea Moss

1 Pint or 2.5 Pint jars Monthly Subscriptions available !

These days we are hearing so much about Sea Moss and the amazing benefits organically grown and harvested for consumption,

With 92 vital minerals and vitamins that our bodies need.   Of course, this is important information but let’s put this in terminology that we can all relate to.  Sea Moss is loaded with Antioxidants, Iodine, Minerals and Trace Elements. 

Basically, this is seaweed that works in our bodies on our Immune system, Increases our energy levels, oxygen, builds muscle, Rids the Body of Bad Bacteria, anemia and promotes weight loss. It decreases Inflammation, Balances Hormones & Increases Testosterone.

So, It really doesn’t matter when you use Sea Moss, either when you are ill or in the best of health, Sea Moss works well in the body.  However, only take the recommended daily amount (1-2 TBSP) or you can develop side effects. Remember, Everything in moderation.

For Women….

Nutrients in Sea Moss, especially Iodine, B Vitamins, Calcium and Zinc can speed up the process of  fertility if you are having difficulty becoming pregnant Sea Moss can balance Thyroid Hormones (T3) & (T4). Promotes overall good general health.

For Men….

Can be considered a Natural Sexual Enhancement product by increasing  testosterone levels and sperm count. Reduces Blood Pressure and good general health.

For Children….

From Birth to 12 Months of age, there are no contradictions to consuming Sea Moss, However ,it should be ¾ teaspoon 3-4 times per week. The  level of Calcium in Sea Moss will promote healthy teeth and bones.

Pick the right order size for yourself or your entire Family!

How Do You Re-Aline Your Mind, Body, Soul & Spirit….

Re-Aiine your Chakra

Have you ever wondered at times why you may feel a bit Off, not your usual self….well, life will have ups & downs, ins & outs, good days & not-so-good days…. Sometimes we need a little more than a hot bubble bath, a long walk or run to rejuvenate we need to Re-Aline ourselves.  Doing a Crystal Chakra healing session is essential for anyone who wishes to have Optimal Health.  An easy way to address any issue you’re dealing with.  You should regularly balance your Chakras with Crystals…This definitely will enhance your Life!

By Placing the Crystals (7) on or Around your body in the position corresponding with the Chakra you intend to balance, here are the suggested positions of the Crystals, Colors and benefits….

  • Crown Chakra –                placed above the head (off the body)
  • Third Eye Chakra –           placed between the eyebrows
  • Throat Chakra –                 placed at your Throat on or off  the body if it falls off (allow this)
  • Heart Chakra –                   placed Directly in the middle of your sternum (not to the left)
  • Solar Plexus Chakra –       placed between your lower  ribs and belly button
  • Sacral Chakra –                   placed between your hip bones (mid belly)
  • Base Chakra –                     placed between the inner thighs (off the body)

Useful Herbs During Pregnancy

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GingerHighly effective anti-cemetic that helps to relieve nausea morning sickness

Just add slices to hot water & sip until symptoms resolve.

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ChamomileThis gentle herb calms and soothes the nervous system and digestion. Drink a cup if you are experiencing morning sickness tension helps relaxation before sleep

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Witch HazelA cooling astringent Herb that benefits tired and over stressed veins.  By simply soaking a cotton ball in Witch Hazel you can apply to aching legs and varicose veins for immediate relief.

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Lavender– A Calming anti-inflammatory essential oil that promotes healing after childbirth.  Add 4-5 drops of Lavender Oil to bath water. It relieves Mastitis, add 3-4 drops to warm water apply clean face cloth as a compress.

Linseed – This herb is a gentle laxative and bowel lubricant  very rich in Omega fatty acids.  Add 1 tsp. to any breakfast cereal or oatmeal and follow up with water to prevent constipation.

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Calendula – This herb is highly nourishing and healing for the Skin.  Add this Tincture to St. John’s Worth and dilute to use as a lotion also use it to Bathe Perineal tearing or post-partum stitches.

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St. John’s Worth – This herb has effective antiseptic & pain-relieving properties you can also use these to repair cracked nipples and rinse with water prior to breastfeeding.  

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Raspberry Leaf – A uterine tonic that helps prepare the body for childbirth.  Drink daily in the Last trimester of pregnancy and for an additional  2-3 weeks after childbirth to help contract the muscles & promote Breastmilk

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Dill – The seeds make an excellent infusion to drink during breastfeeding –

it promotes breast milk and relieves Colic and gas in the newborn, and it can be combined with fennel seeds. .

Jasmine – This essential oil is traditionally used during Labor for its relaxing properties

and to help instill feelings of calmness and confidence Dilute in a base oil (almond, grapeseed,

essential oils) massage into your lower back at the onset of contractions

Herbs to Avoid During Pregnancy

Love For Baby….

As protective parents and expecting parents, we want what’s best for our newborn & unborn babies. So, here is a list of Herbs to avoid during pregnancy. Well, at the very least, these Herbs should be consumed at a very small percentage.

Yarrow Black Cohosh Purple Giant Hysop Aloe Vera

Angelica Root Celery Seed American Spikenard Bear Berry

Worm Wood Borage Calendula Turmeric

Lemon Grass Hemp Agrimony Gravel Root Meadow Sweet

Licorice Root Golden Seal St. John’s Worth Elecampane

Juniper Mother’s Wart Lovage Goji

Catnip Japanese Gensing Damask Rose Rosemary

Yellow Dock White Willow Common Sage Costos

Schisandra Senna Comfrey Feverfew

Thyme Red Clover Colts Foot Vervain

Cramp Bark Mistletoe Anna Castus Chasteberry

Ashwaghanda Jasmine

Highlighted Herbs are the most commonly used herbs in foods and daily cooking. Remember EVERYTHING IN MODERATION!

Teething Time Chews

Oh Baby…can teething bring the Blues for babies the cutting gums and new teeth breaking through the gums can have your baby cranky and irritable. How would you like your baby to calm their gums with natural ingredients that will not upset their stomach or knock them out…sounds great!

Well, we have the solution… and they can chew on it as long as they want without any side effects or drowsiness.

We have blended some natural herbs into chew-able packs that Baby can hold onto and bite away relieving their throbbing & aching gums. Better than Mom or Dad’s finger! Do not allow the Baby to swallow the contents of the packets, though they will not harm baby,however the herbs are dry and could be difficult to swallow.