Calming Herbal Bath Salt

I love Making new blends for my clients.  When I choose my ingredients I think about quality first.  Only the finest organic herbs, essential oils and salts are my choice.  I use my own products and if I wouldn’t use it, I wouldn’t offer it to my clients. 

My point is….. please be careful where you purchase your products.  Not Everyone has your best interest at heart or best intentions.  Not every hand carries God’s Favor, not every self-proclaimed business practice current sanitary guidelines.  I see so many videos where they don’t use gloves, mask, hair nets or any protective gear during preparation. 

Do not invite unwanted negative energy  into your home or environment.  Here are some of the best ways to protect yourself, your home, your family:

  • Purchase products from trusted sources
  • Look at Customer Reviews on  the website
  • Do your Due diligence by checking the ingredient
  • When  it doesn’t feel right, follow your instinct

Making the best decisions for your life &  family is like second nature.  We make these decisions everyday so choosing Herbal & Holistic products  should be no different. 

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Psoriasis, Eczema & Skin Condition Treatments

Treatment for Psoriasis & other Unwanted Skin Conditions

Psoriasis, such an irritating, itchy condition that many people suffer from worldwide.  I have been really doing research on this herb (Neem) and it has been tested on several family members for a true and accurate result on how the product works. 

Not only does it work on skin conditions, but it also is good for …..       

Controls Blood SugarCardiac Care
Treats Head Lice & DandruffCures Asthma
Improves Hair TextureTreats Urine Infections
Eliminates Intestinal WormsFights Acne/Smoothes Wrinkles

 The list goes on and on. If you can incorporate Neem into your daily lifestyle by drinking as a tea, as a topical ointment, or eating them fresh, you will greatly benefit from a healthier lifestyle.

Organic Sea Moss

Organic Sea Moss

1 Pint or 2.5 Pint jars Monthly Subscriptions available !

These days we are hearing so much about Sea Moss and the amazing benefits organically grown and harvested for consumption,

With 92 vital minerals and vitamins that our bodies need.   Of course, this is important information but let’s put this in terminology that we can all relate to.  Sea Moss is loaded with Antioxidants, Iodine, Minerals and Trace Elements. 

Basically, this is seaweed that works in our bodies on our Immune system, Increases our energy levels, oxygen, builds muscle, Rids the Body of Bad Bacteria, anemia and promotes weight loss. It decreases Inflammation, Balances Hormones & Increases Testosterone.

So, It really doesn’t matter when you use Sea Moss, either when you are ill or in the best of health, Sea Moss works well in the body.  However, only take the recommended daily amount (1-2 TBSP) or you can develop side effects. Remember, Everything in moderation.

For Women….

Nutrients in Sea Moss, especially Iodine, B Vitamins, Calcium and Zinc can speed up the process of  fertility if you are having difficulty becoming pregnant Sea Moss can balance Thyroid Hormones (T3) & (T4). Promotes overall good general health.

For Men….

Can be considered a Natural Sexual Enhancement product by increasing  testosterone levels and sperm count. Reduces Blood Pressure and good general health.

For Children….

From Birth to 12 Months of age, there are no contradictions to consuming Sea Moss, However ,it should be ¾ teaspoon 3-4 times per week. The  level of Calcium in Sea Moss will promote healthy teeth and bones.

Pick the right order size for yourself or your entire Family!

Fruits That Hydrate

Fruits That Hydrate 

The importance of staying hydrated is under-rated! It is essential to our very existence to feed our body that which we are made of…Water!  It replenishes every cell, neutron, neuron, carries our blood re-juvinates our bodies, and provides the nutrients we need to survive.  Now what better way to Hydrate than with delicious Fruits!?