This subject just came to my attention because my Website offers an Organic option to ailments.  I was never aware that selling Organic Herbs, that happen to have healing properties was considered a Risk, however, there is no restrictions on synthetically altered medications, prescribed with many, many known side effects that cause other extreme physical and mental complications, however, these products are marketed to the public and peddled by Physicians worldwide without consequences.  I have Never claimed to be a medical provider of any sort, you are always encouraged to consult your primary care provider prior to adding any herbs to your diet.

These same prescribed medications dominate the world and most, if not all of them contain Synthetic versions of the very Organic Herbs being sold on my website whereas, my herbs are not genetically modified or processed.  Yet. My products are being blocked and or removed from reaching the Public and I can no longer accept payments on my website through Stripe, the payment processing company responsible for collecting and processing payment information because of the Organic Herbs I offer as alternatives to prescribed medications are considered “Pseudo-Pharmaceutical”.

My website is not the only site being targeted, it appears to be an apparent overall attack on anyone who is bringing Natural Herbal Options to the world.  I worked with Medical Providers for over 20 years and saw very few people being healed, however, I saw so many unnecessary deaths!  Patients were being placed on one medication to another without ever getting better.  It is clear our lives are not our own, and we are not in control of what we can and can not put in our bodies nor, can we make our own decisions to be healthy.

It is being determined by WooCommerce and Stripe whether, I will be able to continue to conduct business and bring you Organic Herbal options for your health and well-being.  Thank you for believing in Our Products thus far and may The Most High continue to hold you close and bless you with abundance and good health on your Journey……

The Healing Disconnect

The Healing Disconnect

I worked very closely with Doctors of all Specialties for many years, from Primary Care to Wound Care.  Being in this environment made me appreciate a more natural, more holistic lifestyle.  I saw nothing but prescription pushing and for a very long time I did not get what was really happening right in front of my face, but I knew in my Spirit, something was not right here…

As  I observed patient after patient on constant physical declination, I wondered why they never were cured with the medications prescribed.  It was one med after another with no healing involved. As I began my own journey to alternative healing, I realized, I could not continue to watch the many  people losing fingers, toes, legs, and arms to diseases that could be cured if the correct information was provided.

The very herb that could be the best cure is the exact same herb the Doctor will tell you Not to Consume because it will conflict with your prescriptions.  Well, is it possible that, you would not need that prescription if in fact you incorporate the less invasive (due to side effects) Organic herbs into  your diet.  It really makes me wonder and why no one asks the Doctors these questions.

I became a Licensed Massage Therapist, An Herbalist, and began to do a lot of research into a Healthy Lifestyle.  Don’t get me wrong, I still struggle with my eating habits, because I love good food and I have a huge, sweet tooth (smiles).

At the same time, I cleanse regularly, I drink my Teas daily and I enjoy learning new healthy recipes to replace the sweets, meats, I am thankful to The Most High, that I have been able to heal myself of a few conditions without requiring surgical intervention with Herbal blends that grow naturally . 

Unfortunately, these chemically driven products not only include food, but also household products.  Life has improved on so many levels, I enjoy bringing new Organic remedies and alternatives to my Exotic & Re-Alined100 Families.   

I hope you will stick around for the Journey and incorporate some of my ideas into your Personal Journey to the Best Life yet!  Trust and believe, I do use my products and I will continue to research and bring the best Organic products to Our Community! Made With Love From Me2U! Always…..  Namaste

Furbaby Love

Doggie Treats

Our extended family members are extremely important in our lives and, we want them to be in the best health possible just as we want for all of our family. 

Thing is… we don’t always get what we expect from the pet food suppliers, many of the products contain harmful ingredients with names we can’t pronounce or decipher into being beneficial to the health of our Furbabies.

Often we just trust the medications prescribed and accept the overpriced treatments by vets because we love our pets and want what is best for them. 

Best thing to do is try to keep them in optimal health with organic food, treats, vitamins and regular exercise. I have a few items to get you started on the path to happy healthy Furbabies.

Check out our Newest Furbaby items in our Furbaby section of the website.  Our products have many natural vitamins as the products are mostly fruit and vegetable based.  Look for more items to come as we test and approve.

Healing Examples From The Most-High

Smokable Floral Leaves

I love making references to Biblical scriptures that show how GOD- The Most-High, uses Herbs, Crystals, Oils and naturally abundant Earth elements as examples that show Us how to heal, self-protect, self-empower & self-reflect.   Spiritually with all things Natural…

     So, I came across a few more note worthy references I wanted to share this one with you today on Our Journey…

Now… there’s a Story in the Book of  2nd Kings Ch.. 20: 1-7

     Here, it’s when GOD, The Most-High, told the Prophet Isiah to go back to Hezekiah… “Prepare a Poultice from FIGS… spread the Ointment over the Boil” and Hezekiah recovered.  Now, if you know the story…. Hezekiah became sick and was nearing death… The Lord sent Isiah to give him word to …. Get your House in order because you are going to die… and you will not recover.      Hezekiah turned his face towards the wall and began praying to the Lord… asking the Lord to remember how he has walked faithfully with wholehearted devotion and that he

had done what was good in His eyes and Hezekiah wept bitterly…

    Before Isiah had reached the middle court… Word came from the Lord to “go back to Hezekiah,  tell him “I have heard your prayers and seen your tears, I will heal you on the third day you will go to the Temple and I will add Fifteen years to your life and I will deliver You and this City from the King of Assyria”….

     Now we all know GOD, The Most-High, can heal you with a look, a touch, spiritually or in any way…. But GOD, The Most-High, chose to show Isiah and Hezekiah that we can use a single fruit to Heal as well…

     When we get to the realization of understanding EVERY  single thing created by The Most-High has a greater purpose….

For example, a Rose is not just to cut and smell the beautiful aroma or admire on Valentine’s Day.  Roses have medicinal properties and can be made as an herbal tea for digestion, reducing inflammation ,menstrual cramps, soothing anxiety, hydration, weight loss, rich in vitamins A,C&E and packed with antioxidants. Roses can also be used in a body wrap to hydrate and tighten the skin.  Rose petals when used on the skin, can reduce fine lines and diminish dark circles. 

     I have recently encountered an Amazing new way of using Rose Petals & Hibiscus Leaves as a Smokable Herbal Wrap (ref. lizzy on IG and marco-is-growing on REELS)

     Stay tuned more to come….. All Things Natural!!

Smokable Herbs…

Smokable Herbs

Everything In Moderation….

As we make the attempt to move towards a more natural Lifestyle using things that are grown and not created by human hands, we must take into consideration that….

     Burning of Herbs can still expose your lungs to:

          Tar, carbon monoxide and other toxins

So, consider smoking occasionally for better benefits by also using these same herbs as a tea or even extracts.

Even though, these Herbs are “safe to smoke”, they can still cause irritation and one must take precautions.  Be mindful to how your body reacts to the herbs and the herbs you choose. Also be mindful where you purchase the Herbs from, as you do not want chemicals from pesticides going into your lungs. 

Experiment with different Herbs until you find a blend you like best! Choose a Base Herb, Supportive Herb & Flavoring Herb= Best Blend For You….

**Take A Look At My List of Recommended Smokable Herbs**

**If you experience any adverse effects from the herbs, STOP smoking them immediately!! 



(A, B, AB, O)

Each person has their own unique blood type that falls under one of these categories,

(A, B, AB or O). 

Lectins are Molecules that have both Protein and Sugar that bind outside  which prevent the body of the Cell and causes Biochemical Changes and prevent Cells from absorbing other substances that contain nutritional value. There are Some claims that Lectins drive Auto-Immune Dis-eases. 

Lectins are Water-Soluble and typically found on the outer surface of foods, so it can be removed with water & high-heat cooking (boiling, canning). 

Some Examples:


Try Adding Natural Lectin Blockers such as:


Foods With Most Damaging Lectins


CHICKEN            SOME WHITEFISH       CORNWHEAT                CORN               KIDNEY BEANS



Calming Herbal Bath Salt

I love Making new blends for my clients.  When I choose my ingredients I think about quality first.  Only the finest organic herbs, essential oils and salts are my choice.  I use my own products and if I wouldn’t use it, I wouldn’t offer it to my clients. 

My point is….. please be careful where you purchase your products.  Not Everyone has your best interest at heart or best intentions.  Not every hand carries God’s Favor, not every self-proclaimed business practice current sanitary guidelines.  I see so many videos where they don’t use gloves, mask, hair nets or any protective gear during preparation. 

Do not invite unwanted negative energy  into your home or environment.  Here are some of the best ways to protect yourself, your home, your family:

  • Purchase products from trusted sources
  • Look at Customer Reviews on  the website
  • Do your Due diligence by checking the ingredient
  • When  it doesn’t feel right, follow your instinct

Making the best decisions for your life &  family is like second nature.  We make these decisions everyday so choosing Herbal & Holistic products  should be no different. 

Always Made with Love From Me2U!

Organic Sea Moss

Organic Sea Moss

1 Pint or 2.5 Pint jars Monthly Subscriptions available !

These days we are hearing so much about Sea Moss and the amazing benefits organically grown and harvested for consumption,

With 92 vital minerals and vitamins that our bodies need.   Of course, this is important information but let’s put this in terminology that we can all relate to.  Sea Moss is loaded with Antioxidants, Iodine, Minerals and Trace Elements. 

Basically, this is seaweed that works in our bodies on our Immune system, Increases our energy levels, oxygen, builds muscle, Rids the Body of Bad Bacteria, anemia and promotes weight loss. It decreases Inflammation, Balances Hormones & Increases Testosterone.

So, It really doesn’t matter when you use Sea Moss, either when you are ill or in the best of health, Sea Moss works well in the body.  However, only take the recommended daily amount (1-2 TBSP) or you can develop side effects. Remember, Everything in moderation.

For Women….

Nutrients in Sea Moss, especially Iodine, B Vitamins, Calcium and Zinc can speed up the process of  fertility if you are having difficulty becoming pregnant Sea Moss can balance Thyroid Hormones (T3) & (T4). Promotes overall good general health.

For Men….

Can be considered a Natural Sexual Enhancement product by increasing  testosterone levels and sperm count. Reduces Blood Pressure and good general health.

For Children….

From Birth to 12 Months of age, there are no contradictions to consuming Sea Moss, However ,it should be ¾ teaspoon 3-4 times per week. The  level of Calcium in Sea Moss will promote healthy teeth and bones.

Pick the right order size for yourself or your entire Family!

How Do You Re-Aline Your Mind, Body, Soul & Spirit….

Re-Aiine your Chakra

Have you ever wondered at times why you may feel a bit Off, not your usual self….well, life will have ups & downs, ins & outs, good days & not-so-good days…. Sometimes we need a little more than a hot bubble bath, a long walk or run to rejuvenate we need to Re-Aline ourselves.  Doing a Crystal Chakra healing session is essential for anyone who wishes to have Optimal Health.  An easy way to address any issue you’re dealing with.  You should regularly balance your Chakras with Crystals…This definitely will enhance your Life!

By Placing the Crystals (7) on or Around your body in the position corresponding with the Chakra you intend to balance, here are the suggested positions of the Crystals, Colors and benefits….

  • Crown Chakra –                placed above the head (off the body)
  • Third Eye Chakra –           placed between the eyebrows
  • Throat Chakra –                 placed at your Throat on or off  the body if it falls off (allow this)
  • Heart Chakra –                   placed Directly in the middle of your sternum (not to the left)
  • Solar Plexus Chakra –       placed between your lower  ribs and belly button
  • Sacral Chakra –                   placed between your hip bones (mid belly)
  • Base Chakra –                     placed between the inner thighs (off the body)

Fruits That Hydrate

Fruits That Hydrate 

The importance of staying hydrated is under-rated! It is essential to our very existence to feed our body that which we are made of…Water!  It replenishes every cell, neutron, neuron, carries our blood re-juvinates our bodies, and provides the nutrients we need to survive.  Now what better way to Hydrate than with delicious Fruits!?