Things To Avoid for Healthy Libido

Men… Avoid These Things For Healthy Libido

There are so many additives and ingredients being added to foods, drinks, desserts these days it’s hard to keep up.  As if you needed one more thing to check, now you have to take the time to check the ingredient labels for these items that can have a negative impact on your libido…..

Testosterone is the hormone produced mainly by males that affect a masculine’s appearance and sexual development.  It stimulates sperm production as well as a masculine’s sex drive, builds muscle and bone mass…..

TofuContains estrogen that limits the testosterone levels in men
SoyContains a large volume of phytoestrogen isoflavones which are estrogen like compounds that trigger estrogen, lowers T levels
Beer/AlcoholA definite testosterone killer, overconsumption is the real issue, moderation is key
DairyLowers Testosterone levels, dairy is produced by female cows and their milk is filled with estrogens and progesterone which adversely affect testosterone
NutsHigh in Polyunsaturated fatty acids like Walnuts, Almonds, Pistachios, Peanuts & pecans. Instead try Brazil nuts, Chestnuts or macadamia nuts.
Licorice RootOften used a an Herbal Supplement However, as little as 7 grams can lower the male testosterone values if consumed in larger amounts weekly

Herbs to Boost & Reverse Symptoms

Indian Spider PlantEnhances sexual health, Aphrodisiac, Increases Stamina and enhances sexual desire, premature ejaculation,
Tongkat AliPenis Shrinkage, Erectile Dysfunction, Libido Loss, Testosterone Booster, Aphrodisiac, Impotence, Infertility, Regulates Blood Pressure, Watery Semen
DamianaPoor Blood Circulation, Impotence, Libido Loss, Penis Shrinkage, Aphrodisiac, Hormonal Imbalance
BananasPotassium promotes testosterone production and firmer erections, releases Bromelain that can increase your Libido

Oils to Avoid During Pregnancy


There are a few essential oils that should be avoided during pregnancy as they can cause side effects that can be harmful to the unborn baby(ies). 

Many times during pregnancy, we may experience some back discomfort and book an appointment with a Licensed Massage Therapist, well you should Always disclose to your LMT that you are in fact pregnant and she/he will know how to adjust your massage treatment. 

No pressure on the feet at all, client should be laid on either side but never face down on the stomach and avoid these oils being applied directly to the skin.

Here is a list of a Oils to Avoid…..





This subject just came to my attention because my Website offers an Organic option to ailments.  I was never aware that selling Organic Herbs, that happen to have healing properties was considered a Risk, however, there is no restrictions on synthetically altered medications, prescribed with many, many known side effects that cause other extreme physical and mental complications, however, these products are marketed to the public and peddled by Physicians worldwide without consequences.  I have Never claimed to be a medical provider of any sort, you are always encouraged to consult your primary care provider prior to adding any herbs to your diet.

These same prescribed medications dominate the world and most, if not all of them contain Synthetic versions of the very Organic Herbs being sold on my website whereas, my herbs are not genetically modified or processed.  Yet. My products are being blocked and or removed from reaching the Public and I can no longer accept payments on my website through Stripe, the payment processing company responsible for collecting and processing payment information because of the Organic Herbs I offer as alternatives to prescribed medications are considered “Pseudo-Pharmaceutical”.

My website is not the only site being targeted, it appears to be an apparent overall attack on anyone who is bringing Natural Herbal Options to the world.  I worked with Medical Providers for over 20 years and saw very few people being healed, however, I saw so many unnecessary deaths!  Patients were being placed on one medication to another without ever getting better.  It is clear our lives are not our own, and we are not in control of what we can and can not put in our bodies nor, can we make our own decisions to be healthy.

It is being determined by WooCommerce and Stripe whether, I will be able to continue to conduct business and bring you Organic Herbal options for your health and well-being.  Thank you for believing in Our Products thus far and may The Most High continue to hold you close and bless you with abundance and good health on your Journey……