Smokable Herbs…

Smokable Herbs

Everything In Moderation….

As we make the attempt to move towards a more natural Lifestyle using things that are grown and not created by human hands, we must take into consideration that….

     Burning of Herbs can still expose your lungs to:

          Tar, carbon monoxide and other toxins

So, consider smoking occasionally for better benefits by also using these same herbs as a tea or even extracts.

Even though, these Herbs are “safe to smoke”, they can still cause irritation and one must take precautions.  Be mindful to how your body reacts to the herbs and the herbs you choose. Also be mindful where you purchase the Herbs from, as you do not want chemicals from pesticides going into your lungs. 

Experiment with different Herbs until you find a blend you like best! Choose a Base Herb, Supportive Herb & Flavoring Herb= Best Blend For You….

**Take A Look At My List of Recommended Smokable Herbs**

**If you experience any adverse effects from the herbs, STOP smoking them immediately!!