Calming Herbal Bath Salt

I love Making new blends for my clients.  When I choose my ingredients I think about quality first.  Only the finest organic herbs, essential oils and salts are my choice.  I use my own products and if I wouldn’t use it, I wouldn’t offer it to my clients. 

My point is….. please be careful where you purchase your products.  Not Everyone has your best interest at heart or best intentions.  Not every hand carries God’s Favor, not every self-proclaimed business practice current sanitary guidelines.  I see so many videos where they don’t use gloves, mask, hair nets or any protective gear during preparation. 

Do not invite unwanted negative energy  into your home or environment.  Here are some of the best ways to protect yourself, your home, your family:

  • Purchase products from trusted sources
  • Look at Customer Reviews on  the website
  • Do your Due diligence by checking the ingredient
  • When  it doesn’t feel right, follow your instinct

Making the best decisions for your life &  family is like second nature.  We make these decisions everyday so choosing Herbal & Holistic products  should be no different. 

Always Made with Love From Me2U!