Teething Time Chews

Oh Baby…can teething bring the Blues for babies the cutting gums and new teeth breaking through the gums can have your baby cranky and irritable. How would you like your baby to calm their gums with natural ingredients that will not upset their stomach or knock them out…sounds great!

Well, we have the solution… and they can chew on it as long as they want without any side effects or drowsiness.

We have blended some natural herbs into chew-able packs that Baby can hold onto and bite away relieving their throbbing & aching gums. Better than Mom or Dad’s finger! Do not allow the Baby to swallow the contents of the packets, though they will not harm baby,however the herbs are dry and could be difficult to swallow.

Fruits That Hydrate

Fruits That Hydrate 

The importance of staying hydrated is under-rated! It is essential to our very existence to feed our body that which we are made of…Water!  It replenishes every cell, neutron, neuron, carries our blood re-juvinates our bodies, and provides the nutrients we need to survive.  Now what better way to Hydrate than with delicious Fruits!?