Beets on the Streets

Benefits of Fresh Beets:

  • Boost Stamina 
  • Increases Blood Flow
  • Decrease Blood Pressure
  • Detoxifies Liver
  • Reduces Cancer Cells
  • Prevents/Improves Anemia
  • Enhances Skin Health

Just 6-8 oz a day will do your body good

3 Raw Beets cleaned & peeled (leaves can be cooked & eaten)

1/2 Juice of Lemon or 1/2/cup of Lemon Juice

1 Inch size piece of fresh ginger

3 Cups Alkaline Water

Blend All ingredients in a blender and strain the pulp with a coffee filter or strainer into a glass jar with a lid…(you can reuse the pulp as ice cubes in any fruit or veggie smoothie or drink) after you freeze them or discard).  DO  NOT SWEETEN!!! The beets are naturally sweet….

Shake well, Drink 6-8 oz of this blend every morning, you will be amazed at the immediate surge of energy.  Store in the refrigerator for no longer than 7 days as this does Not have any preservatives or additives and will spoil after 7 days even when refrigerated.  Njoy!

***Keep in mind and do not be alarmed if your stool was not this color before there is no need to be concerned.

Don’t Let the Oils Escape

When you steep your herbal teas take cover! If you do not All of the nutritional value & delicious oils will escape right out of your cup.  The healing & medicinal power is in the oils. Imagine how much flavor & benefits you are losing in each cup.  These beautiful self contained cups will be available soon on the website. 

The Break-Fast Breakdown

The 24 hours of each day should be divided into 3, giving us 8 hrs of rest, (fasting period) 8 hrs of Light, High Moisture, High Fiber Meals. Break-Fast our morning meal is Still the Most important meal of the day, contrary to information we have previously been provided as we intake our 1st Meal of the day it should include mostly light meals such as.. fruits vegetables and liquids. This meal will assist in the process of Waste Management As opposed to potatoes, cereals, granola, meats and breads. Those items should be consumed after 12 pm up until 8 pm and then prepare the body again for the overnight Fast! If you give it a little thought, It really makes perfect sense. Let’s get started!